One way to help us dwell in the present moment is to practice reciting gathas or mindfulness verses. When we recite the gathas silently to our self, our mind comes back to the present moment and our thoughts are guided by the deep wisdom of our ancestors. Our actions of body, speech and mind are poetically filled with understanding and love. There are many gathas for different aspects of the practice. We can begin by memorizing one or two and learn more over time.

(Recommended book: Present Moment, Wonderful Moment)

Hearing a Bell

Listen, listen (in breath)

This wonderful sound (out breath)

Brings me back (in breath)

to my true self. (out breath)

Joining Palms, Meeting Others

A lotus for you (in breath)

A Buddha to be. (out breath)

Walking Meditation

I have arrived, I am home (in breath, out breath)

In the here, in the now (in breath, out breath)

I am solid, I am free (in breath, out breath)

In the ultimate, I dwell. (in breath, out breath)