Unified Buddhist Church of Australia, established in February 2010, is the administrative name of Plum Village Australia.

Plum Village Australia (PVA)  is also known as the Stream Entering meditation centre located in Beaufort which is located on the Western Highway midway between Ararat and Ballarat in Victoria.

PVA is a community of meditation practioners in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and Plum Village.




Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh is a monk, poet and peace activist, admired throughout the world for his powerful teachings and bestselling writings on mindfulness and peace.

His key teaching is that, through present-moment awareness, we can learn to live more happily – the only way to truly develop peace, both in oneself and in the world. He has been a pioneer in bringing Buddhist practice to the West, founding Plum Village monastery in France, five other monasteries and dozens of practice centres in America, Europe, South East Asia and Australia. Over a thousand local mindfulness practice groups (‘sanghas’) have been formed by laypeople in the Plum Village tradition. More about Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and this tradition is at plumvillage.org



Brother Chan Phap Huy 
Magnolia Grove Monastery, USA

Brother  Phap Huy is Vietnamese-American and began practising in the Plum Village tradition when 18 years old. Ordained as a novice in 2001, he received full ordination in early 2004. In 2008 he received the Lamp Transmission from Thich Nhat Hanh authorising him to be a Dharma Teacher. ‘In my blood family’, he says, ‘two aunties and one cousin have also ordained in this beautiful tradition.’ During Thay’s stroke recovery, Brother Phap Huy attended to Thay for a year. Now a senior monk in Mississippi, USA, he has travelled to many countries with his sibling monastics to offer mindfulness retreats.

Brother Chan Phap Vu (True Dharma Rain) 
Deer Park Monastery, USA

Brother Phap Vu is currently living, practising and teaching at Deer Park Monastery, a mindfulness practice centre in the tradition of the Venerable Master Thich Nhat Hanh in Southern California. He was ordained in Thich Nhat Hanh's Plum Village tradition in 2003, and received the Dharma Lamp Transmission in 2011 from Thich Nhat Hanh, a ceremony designating him a Dharma Teacher. Brother Phap Vu has an active involvement in building a monastic and lay community in the United States. He is well versed in both Buddhist history and Buddhist psychology and is committed to sharing this knowledge with a Western audience. 

Sister Chan Thuan Tien 

Stream-Entering Meditation Centre (Nhap Luu), Australia

Sister Thuan Tien (often called Sister TT) leads Stream-Entering Meditation Centre in central Victoria. The Centre is a vital support for the Australian sangha. See http://www.nhapluu.org  Sister TT speaks both Vietnamese and English.

Sister Trang Thuong Tru (Ever Present Moon) 
Stream-Entering Meditation Centre (Nhap Luu), Australia

Sister Trang Thuong  Tru is well known to the Australian sangha from the 2016 Spring National Retreat and other activities. Among her many contributions to our retreat will be skill in leading mindful activities with children.

 Note: Other Sisters of NhapLuu will also be there to lead the retreat.


Retreat Location

The NhapLuu retreat will be held at 221 Marias Lane, Beaufort, Victoria. ( bout 45 minutes’ driving time from Ballarat CBD)  See website>> How to get to Nhap Luu


Retreatants have the options of sharing a room or a tent with others subject to availability. Note that male and female will be separately accomondated. (More details later)

Quality Vegetarian Meals 

Delicious Vegetarian meals will be offered. Your retreat registration fee covers all meals and accommodation as well as the teachings and all programmed activities.

Arrival And Departure Times

Arrival: between 4-5pm on Friday 21st April (unless needing to come later Friday afternoon) 
Departure: after lunch on Sunday 23rd April.




We plan to have children’s activities at times that will allow their parents to attend sitting meditation and Dharma sharing sessions without interruption. Activities will encourage breath awareness, mindfulness, nature appreciation and creativity in ways that have been enjoyed in previous Plum Village retreats. The final children’s program will be devised when we know the ages of the children attending. The leaders/carers will be retreatants who are themselves parents, grandparents or experienced teachers.


The retreat program will include sitting meditation, outdoor walking meditation, mindful movements (gentle qi gong style exercise), Dharma teachings and discussion, and silent meal practice. The monastics will lead the joyous Five Mindfulness Trainings ceremony if any retreatants wish to receive the Trainings. These represent a commitment to cultivate mindfulness and ethics based on goodwill, respect for life and healing.

The detailed retreat program will be posted on this site after it has been endorsed by the monastic Brothers and Sisters. It will also be part of the information we email to you once you’ve registered and paid for the retreat.

Dharma-sharing and Working meditation ‘families’

Each retreatant will be part of a Dharma-sharing group or ‘family’ that comes together to discuss the teachings and share experiences as practitioners. Able-bodied members of the families will also cooperate in brief ‘working meditation’ sessions. For example, one family would assist with food preparation and serving meals, another would stack the dishwasher, another would sweep indoor areas, another would clean the ablution areas, and so on. Mindful working meditation, carried out calmly with awareness of every breath, is a standard practice in our tradition.


COST TO RETREATANTS (This helps to cover the costs of all meals, accommodations and travelling costs for the teachers from the USA)

Adults (aged 18+)                    $200 (in a shared room);  $170 (in a shared tent)

Teenagers (13-17 years)       $150 (either in a shared room or tent)

Children aged 0-12 years    Free (either in a shared room or tent)



  • Your own sitting meditation cushion/bench/mat. Cushions will not be supplied. Chairs will be provided in the meditation hall for those who prefer them
  • Shawl or small blanket can be useful during sitting meditation
  • Your own bedding to place on the bunk mattress supplied. For example, sleeping bag or swag plus blankets/doona/sheets (if needed), and your own pillow. The weather may be getting cool by early April
  • Pyjamas or equivalent
  • Torch
  • Medications, if any
  • Earplugs (to limit night sounds in shared accommodation)
  • Towel and soap for showering
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and other toiletries
  • Clothes suitable for mild or cool weather
  • Loose-fitting, soft clothes for sitting meditation
  • Shoes and socks suitable for outdoor walking
  • Hat for outdoors
  • Raincoat or umbrella
  • Notebook and pencil/pen
  • Cloth serviette/table napkin (so we can avoid paper use)
  • A smile
  • Order of Interbeing/Tiep Hien members please wear brown jacket

 To respect the tradition, please do not wear shorts or short skirts. Sleeved shirts or T-shirts are more suitable than singlets/tanktops.


  • alcohol
  • cigarette smoking anywhere in the buildings or grounds



If you have no means of transport from the Beaufort train station to the meditation centre, let us know in the ‘Other info or comment?’ section of the Registration form, or in an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  We will contact you to arrange for a pick up from the train station.



 Guide to filling out the Registration form 

    • The form is below, headed ‘NhapLuu Apr2017 Retreat Registration’.
    • A separate form should be submitted for each intended retreatant – each adult and each child.
    • The first five parts of the form are self-explanatory.
    • At the sixth part:
      • if you are registering yourself and intend to bring a child (aged 17 years or under), type the child’s full name and age in the box
      • if you are registering a child (aged 17 years or under), please put the name of the child’s parent(s) or carer(s) attending the retreat.
    • At ‘Other info (see Note 1 below)’, you can put information about a relevant disability, special need, medical condition we should know about for your safety, wish for transport, etc
    • At ‘Attachment (optional)’ you can attach a document if, for example, you need to relay detailed medical information or other specific information. Otherwise, don’t attach anything
    • When you have completed the Registration form, click on the ‘Submit’ button (‘Reset’ is only if you haven’t submitted but want to start again with a blank form)

Auto-reply email

Soon after submitting a Registration form, you will receive an auto-reply email acknowledging receipt of your form. The email will go to the email address you gave in the first part of the Registration form.

Registration confirmation email

A few days after receiving your registration, we will send you a ‘Confirmation of online registration’ email with your identifying word or code and instructions about the payment process.

Payment of retreat fee

Payment will usually be by direct deposit into an account number we give you. If you don’t have this facility, a cheque or money order can be posted to an address we give you.

As the number of people keen to attend the retreat may exceed the places available, we will allow a timeframe within which to pay. If payment has not been made by the due date, your name will be put on the waiting list.

‘Welcome to the Retreat’ email

After payment, we will email you more orientation information and program details.


The Retreat will be a wonderful chance for experienced meditation practitioners and new interested people to practice in mindful unity. These occasions are always inspiring and joyous. We hope you can come!

Places are limited: we suggest you register now by filling out the web form below:

NhapLuu Apr2017 Retreat Registration

Your email address: 
First name, Last name: 
Your Phone number: 
Sex:   Male    Female  
Prefer sharing a tent or a hut?   Tent    Hut  
Bring a child? Name? : 
Other info (see Note 1 below): 
Attachment (optional): 

Note 1: Please let us know your emergency contact name & number; your age; and your medical condition (e.g. food allergies) we should know about for your safety. 

A separate form should be submitted for each intended retreatant – each adult and each child.