Breathing in I go back to the island within myself.

To breathe in consciously is to know that the air is entering our body, and to breathe out consciously is to know that our body is exchanging air. Thus, we are in contact with the air and with our body and, because our mind is being attentive to all this, we are in contact with our mind, too; just as it is. We only need one conscious breath to be back in contact with our inner self and with the wonders that surround us. Breathing consciously with this attention on our breath is very nourishing and healing. With each breath we arrive in the present moment and we can step into true peacefulness. For some of us this is the Pure Land of the Buddha, for others it is the Kingdom of God and for many it is simply being fully in touch with the miracle of life itself. (Recommended book: Breathe! You are Alive; Sutra on the Full Awareness of Breathing)