Whenever we are not standing, sitting or lying down, we are moving. We can learn to move and to walk with awareness. We do not need to rush. When we are walking from one side of the room to the other or from one building to another, we can be aware of the contact of our feet with the earth and of our in and out breath. As we step during an in breath we can say “in” silently. As we step while breathing out, we can say “out”. We are aware that we are alive with each step, not carried away by our thoughts and emotions. We can train to practice walking meditation all day long. It is a wonderful practice which we can do anywhere and at any time; therefore, it has the capacity to transform our everyday life.

(Recommended book: The Long Road Turns to Joy)

Walking Meditation Gatha

I have arrived, I am home 
In the here, in the now 
I am solid, I am free 
In the ultimate, I dwell